Hip-Hop Feminist Badge Collection

£1.00 - £2.50

"More than any other generation before us, we need a feminism committed to keeping it real. We need a voice like our music; one that samples and layers many voices, injects its sensibilities into the old and flips it into something new, provocative, and powerful. We need a feminism that possesses the same fundamental understanding held by any true student of hip-hop. Truth can't be found in the voice of anyone rapper but the juxtaposition of many" - Joan Morgan, When Chickenheads Come Home To Roost

What do you when you care about equality but also like to get down in the club? You become a Hip-Hop Feminist - somebody who actively fights for a better future for all genders and sexualities, but also recognises that there is a place in society for the unique expression that hip-hop culture offers, particularly to people of colour.

Tied in to Pennycress founder Jenessa Williams's Masters degree project concerning Drake, Millennials and Hip-Hop Feminism, these badges pledge your allegiance to the cause and to the party - go forth and spread the word.

Your order will contain one 32mm badge with two-colour print slogan and secure fasten back, unless ordering a bundle package. Please specified your print option below.