Issue #1 Spring 2019 - 'So, Where Are You Really From?'


Issue #1 of Pennycress Magazine - "So, where are you really from?"
Championing creatives of colour in the North of England

People talk a lot about where you come from. When you’re black, mixed race or of another ethnic minority, you’ll likely be asked it, several times a year, in tones ranging from camaraderie and general interest to suspicion, derision and even shock. But where someone is from means a lot more than DNA or parentage- it’s about the circumstances one has to grow through, the emotions that drive our decisions, all the little experiences that add up to world perspective we call our own. It also relates to the city we call home - Leeds. For Pennycress’s inaugural issue, 32 creatives share art, writing, photography and more to interpret where they’re REALLY from; reflections on their heritage, the place they live, and the passions that say far more about themselves than their skintone.

A5, 88 Pages, Printed on silk gloss. Print run limited to 150.

Pennycress is non-for-profit, and any money made will be used to supplement future print runs, pay contributors and commit to PoC-centric charitable initiatives in around the Leeds/West Yorkshire area.


Issues will be posted out second class (normally on a Thursday) so please allow up to 5 working days for delivery from order time. If your order is particularly pressing, please contact us directly and we'll see what we can organise. Thanks for your custom!