Issue #2 Autumn 2020 - 'What Would Auntie Do?'


Issue #2 of Pennycress Magazine - "What Would Auntie Do?"
Championing creatives of colour in the North of England

As People Of Colour, there is often a pressure to work twice as hard as our white counterparts, to follow the established path in order to achieve 'success', be that pleasing God, parents or wider society. Has your path in life reflected what your family wanted for you? Are you actively trying to escape the pressures of cultural tradition, or are you proud to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors? What calendar events do you never miss? What doesn't line up with your millennial lifestyle? In times of struggle or celebration, who do you look to for inspiration and advice? The world today is different place to the one our parents grew up in - put in your shoes, what would Auntie Do?

This issues theme is all about the idea of cultural tradition - how the legacies of our families are upheld, subverted and re-imagined to suit the responsibilities and priorities of our modern world. Through artwork, photography, poetry and longform writing, 28 different Northern creatives explore matters ranging from sexuality and self-representation to the importance of Carnival and Church in the Black community. We talk home remedies, raising biracial children, and living up to expectations of inspirational elders. We talk about sadness and suffering, but also about joy and hope.

A5, 92 Pages, Printed on silk gloss. Limited Print Run.

Pennycress is non-for-profit, and any money made will be used to supplement future print runs, pay contributors and commit to POC-centric charitable initiatives in around the Leeds/West Yorkshire area.


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